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Adventures in Space in Senior Infants

Adventures in Space in Senior Infants

Senior Infants are having a ball, learning about space. This is one bunch of whizz kids sharing amazing and interesting facts that the already knew, or we have read from our space books. We have all been learning so much from each other, it's been a real cosmic adventure!

Check out the pictures - we have been building space stations as well as rockets in junk art and construction. Our space scientists have been shaping stars and asteroids with sparkling play-dough. Our role play area has been a buzz of activity with engineers and astronauts preparing for launch for their next mission, the sand pit is a real hit as it is dusty just like the surface of the moon,

We were so very lucky to have our very own astronaut in training, Dr. Niamh Shaw visit our classroom. She was very impressed when she noticed our role play space station, she said she felt right at home! She brought along her best space buddy, her dolly Lottie, who even has her own space suit! We looked at Niamh's jump suit, which had lots of interesting badges. She showed us her amazing zero gravity training video too, it looks like a lot of fun! She was so interesting to chat to, and we look forward to hearing about her training as she continues her space quest.

Well done to all our super star Senior Infants - we love this theme!

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