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Board Of Management Community Report

The Board of Management (BOM) has had two meetings since September.

The board's main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and Minister, for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school.

More information on how the Board of Management works can be found below.

During the Summer the BOM oversaw the recruitment process for teachers and SNAs in line with department guidelines. We have worked on the following policies this year so far:

  • Child Safeguarding statement
  • Critical Incidents Policy
  • Administration of Medicines and Individual Healthcare plan
  • Data Protection and Record Retention
  • Safety Statement
  • Managing Chronic illness
  • Enrolment Policy
  • Special Education Needs
  • Operations Manual

Every month the Principal gives a report on the latest happenings in the school. It is similar to the updates in the weekly Newsletter. There is also a report on child protection and anti bullying in the school over the previous month. These policies are reviewed annually.The Board works on a yearly budget which it prepares. The Accounts are certified by in independent accountant as per department guidelines.

Currently the Board will oversee four projects this year using money raised historically by the patron. The projects will happen in the following order:

  • Artificial Grass for the infant playground - Due to be installed this week
  • Library - Currently being led by Jenny with the library group in school
  • Roof terrace and planting - Eddie is setting up a planting group
  • Sensory Room - Will be worked on in term 2 and 3.

The Board also oversees the snag list of the new building and gets regular updates from the principal on this as well as outside groups using the building.

Members of the Board will attend the General Members meeting of Educate Together and School Staff will attend the ethical Education conference.

There will be another update on the board just before the winter holidays.

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