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Guidelines on the use of Class WhatsApp Groups

Guidelines for use of Class WhatsApp groups

The class WhatsApp groups in GBMDS are an extremely useful tool for parents to communicate regarding issues which are relevant to their child’s class. The following are some guidelines or tips in relation to the use of the WhatsApp groups which may be helpful to parents.

The WhatsApp groups could be used in the following situations:

  • for whole class invites to birthday parties,
  • to arrange lifts to parties,
  • to arrange class parents’ nights out,
  • in situations where parents are running late or unable to make school pick up times, they can use WhatsApp to ask other parents to help out,
  • to enquire about the homework for that evening.

We recommend not using the class WhatsApp groups for the following:

  • political posts such as canvassing for support for a particular candidate or political cause, or for disseminating information on political events such as rallies and marches,
  • posting comments about GBMDS teachers and members of staff, whether positive or negative,
  • posting comments about any parents or students in the school,
  • sharing memes, YouTube clips or internet jokes,
  • posting information about events not linked to the school.

Some things to bear in mind when posting on WhatsApp:

  • Remember that your post will be seen by up to 56 people and that children in the school may inadvertently view these also.
  • Remember that some of the members of the individual class groups may also be teachers in the school.
  • Always use respectful language in your post- if you would not be comfortable posting it on the school wall with your name under it then don't send it.
  • Ask yourself if it is necessary to post a response to a question if it is in the negative. For instance, if you can't help out a parent in a situation it may be easier not to respond. It is worth bearing in mind that these days people are often on five or six WhatsApp groups between class groups, children activities, family groups etc. This means that people may be receiving large amounts of notifications every day.
  • Consider alternative methods of communication such as email for sharing information on external events etc.
  • Use the Private Messaging function if you just want to communicate with a small group or individuals in the group.

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