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We brought bottles and different types of sealed containers into school. We painted them in art in lots of different colours and patterns. Then we put rice into them and lastly decorated them with ribbons and pipecleaners.
Spending PE outside in the fresh air making up various movements and poses to loosen up and stretch. First different students showed us movements in the circle and then groups made up their own movement sequence/ dance.
We learnt about the days of the week as gaeilge and played games trying to put them into the correct order.
We learnt about static electricity in science and carried out a science experiment to explore the effects of static electricity.
Using counters and buildings blocks to add numbers and find the missing number in the equation (e.g., 9+ __= 17).
Some photographs of the spooky walk and making pumpkins the Friday before midterm. All the costumes were so impressive, can you spot the popcorn and racoon? I loved how unique these costumes are!
We learnt about different 2D shapes and then made pictures using circles, semi-circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.
We have been working hard on our engineering projects and today we worked on the first draft of the prototype, made from recyclable materials.
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