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PA meeting agenda - Oct mtg

Agenda: GBMDS Parents Association Meeting: Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

Welcome back everyone!

Review & Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes

Matters Arising

  1. Announcements
  2. New school info & move
  3. PA Communication / Parental Involvement
    1. Class Rep Process
    2. GDPR
    3. PA Info Stand @ Winter Fare
    4. Social Evening
  4. Parents Room
  5. Winter Fare ~ Fundraising Group
  6. Kids Club / Arrangements since return to new school
  7. NPC Training update
  8. ASA Update
  9. Recycling Fundraiser
  10. Actions from previous Minutes
  11. Treasurers report
  12. Any upcoming events
  13. Any other business
  14. Review
25 2021
End of term celebration
28 2021
Sixth class Graduation
Here is the School Calendar for the year September 2021 to June 2022
We brought bottles and different types of sealed containers into school. We painted them in art in lots of different colours and patterns. Then we put rice into them and lastly decorated them with ribbons and pipecleaners.
Spending PE outside in the fresh air making up various movements and poses to loosen up and stretch. First different students showed us movements in the circle and then groups made up their own movement sequence/ dance.
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