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School Closure

A Chairde (friends),

Hope you are all safe and keeping well. I know that the last week has been unprecedented and as a school I want to assure everyone that we are here to support our community in the weeks ahead. The teachers will check in with classes daily just to say hello and keep up the connection with the class. Another work pack will be mailed out next Monday. These work packs are intended to give structure to families if they are doing some work at home and are not intended to be stressful and families are encouraged do what they can and contact their teacher for support if needed.

I am trying to put up any teaching suggestions that I get sent up on my twitter page so that they are easy to access for everyone. A retweet is not a recommendation but merely a suggestion and will make resources and interesting links easy to access. I will post links and other interesting activities for children. It will save too many emails going out to parents. There is a good video explaining the Covid 19 to children which I thought was really clear:

If any family would like some supplies in terms of paper etc or library books you can email me at We will try to get to as many people as possible depending on demand whilst also making sure we are adhering to social distancing.

We are also conscious of the families whose livelihoods have been drastically effected by the shutdown. It is so widespread that no family will be unaffected. I also know that we need to protect the more vulnerable members of our community. There will also be families who are living far away from grandparents or who have family in nursing homes.

The school phone is set up in Rene’s and my house and we will check messages daily. All the teachers email addresses are available in last weeks newsletter which is available below

The latest advice from the HSE can be found below

Get in touch if you need anything and we will keep in regular touch over the coming weeks,

Beir Bua (Best wishes),


07 2021
School Closed
08 2021
Sports Days
25 2021
End of term celebration
Here is the School Calendar for the year September 2021 to June 2022
We brought bottles and different types of sealed containers into school. We painted them in art in lots of different colours and patterns. Then we put rice into them and lastly decorated them with ribbons and pipecleaners.
Spending PE outside in the fresh air making up various movements and poses to loosen up and stretch. First different students showed us movements in the circle and then groups made up their own movement sequence/ dance.
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