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About the Patron Body

The patron of a primary school owns or leases the school building and is responsible for the characteristic ethos of the school. Schools are managed by boards of management on behalf of the patron. The Patron of Griffith Barracks is the Patron Body.

The Griffith Barracks Patron Body

Who are they and how are they appointed?

The GBMDS Patron is a limited company subject to company law and has charitable status. Membership of the Patron is open to all who share the goals of the school. Anyone can join as a member for €5 per academic year. The Patron Executive (PE) is the committee appointed by the Annual General Meeting each year to do the business of the Patron over the year.

Where do they meet and when?

The Patron typically meets once a year in June at an AGM. The PE meets about six times a year, usually in the staff room in the school.

What is the Patron responsible for?

Where Principals and Boards of Management run schools – the Patron is the legal entity on whose behalf the school is run and whose ethos is given life in the school. All schools of any kind must have a Patron; this is the group which has legal responsibility for the existence of the school and is the group to which the Department of Education and Skills gives the right to set up a school. In most cases the Patron forms out of that group of people who first got together to create a school.

The Patron thus has formal responsibilities for the ethos of the school, for the underlying infrastructure of the school, and is a key signoff point for new policy developments.

Patrons appoint Boards of Management, the present Board being appointed in 2015. The Patron has two formal sub-committees – the Buildings Subcommittee and the Ethics Subcommittee, as a reflection of the formal importance of these two aspects of a school.

The membership of such subcommittees is usually drawn from the school community and is not restricted to Patron members.

By joining the Patron you get a way to contribute to school policy through proposing motions and voting at the Annual General Meeting or at any Extraordinary General Meeting.

Any major developments of the school in the future have to be approved by a Patron general meeting before they can proceed.

To contact the Patron Executive, please email

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